Do you drill into the tooth?

No. We use professional dental bond, which is the same thing dentist’s use to keep braces or brackets on your teeth. It is pain free.

I have fake teeth, crowns, or caps, can I still get the gems?

Unfortunately, the dental bond will not adhere to fake teeth or crowns. It will only adhere to real teeth.

How do I take the tooth gem off?

You must get it buffed off by your dentist.

Will the gem harm my tooth?

No. The gem is bonded to the tooth like an orthodontic bracket without pain or drilling.

How long do the gems stay on?

Anywhere from one month to two years; depends on how you take care of it.

What happens if the gem falls off & I swallow it?

The gems are lead free and are not harmful to your body. There are no sharp edges. The gem will come out “naturally” if you know what I mean 😉

2 week guarantee. If your gem comes off within 2 weeks of getting it placed, I will replace it for free.