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Add sparkle to your smile

Tooth Jewelry

BeDazzled Smiles

Add sparkle to your smile

As your local tooth fairy, I am here to enhance your smile and make you shine.

We are excited to announce that we are now the US distributor for Smilegems, UK. Contact us for all your Smilegems products.

BeDazzled Smilez offers tooth gem technician classes anywhere in the US using Smilegems products.

Due to laws in Florida only, it is illegal for anyone but an actual dentist to enter the mouth. So with that being said, I offer tooth gem assistance where you are applying the gems yourself with my verbal guidance. I offer authentic Swarovski crystals, opals, 18kt white gold & 22kt old charms, and real diamonds on teeth using high- grade dental bond. Tooth Gems can last on average of one month to two years + depending on how you take care of them.

I provide services in Madeira Beach, FL, Festivals, Conventions, Markets, Parties. 

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